ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on Geospatial Humanities

Co-located with ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017 in Redondo Beach, California, USA

Conference Program

The Workshop on Geospatial Humanities will be held on November the 7th, together with ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017, in Redondo Beach, California.

The programe for the workshop, with the session chairs and the list of papers that are going to be presented in the different sessions, will be published later.

The list of accepted papers is as follows:

Ludovic Moncla, Mauro Gaio, Thierry Joliveau and Yves-François Le Lay.
Automated Geoparsing of Paris Street Names in 19th Century Novels

Paul Rayson, Alex Reinhold, James Butler, Chris Donaldson, Ian Gregory and Joanna Taylor.
A deeply annotated testbed for geographical text analysis: The Corpus of Lake District Writing

Katherine McDonough and Matje van de Camp.
Mapping the Encyclopédie: Working Towards an Early Modern Digital Gazetteer

Clément Chagnaud, Philippe Garat, Paule-Annick Davoine and Axel Vincent.
ShinyDialect : a cartographic tool for spatial interpolation of geolinguistic data

Luke Bergmann and David O'Sullivan.
Computing with many spaces: Generalizing projections for the digital geohumanities and GIScience

Yerach Doytsher, Ben Galon and Yaron Kanza.
Emotion Maps based on Geotagged Posts in the Social Media

Caleb Robinson, Fred Hohman and Bistra Dilkina.
A Deep Learning Approach for Population Estimation from Satellite Imagery

Kai Wang, Xiaolu Zhou and Lixin Li.
Disentangle crime hot spots and displacements in space and time: an analysis for Chicago from 2001 to 2016